About us

Hey there! We’re Richard, Anita and Michael – the friends behind this humble little gambling blog. We started this as a passion project way back in 2008 to share casino tips and experiences.

Over a decade later, we’re still at it! Yeah, we may be a smaller site compared to the big shots. But that keeps us grounded. And after countless casino runs, we’ve racked up over 30 years of combined gambling expertise.

Our goal is to cut through the facade and hype you see everywhere. We break down everything realistically – from game rules to betting strategies. Consider us your BS detectors! We put in the grunt work testing sites and games ourselves so you don’t risk your hard-earned cash.

We peel back the curtain to reveal what actually increases your odds, boosts payouts or flags safety issues. You can trust our transparency and devil-in-the-details approach. That’s why our community keeps coming back!

At the end of the day, we wanna make gambling less intimidating and more profitable. Helping rookies and veterans up their game fuels our passion! Thanks for visiting and becoming part of our story too.